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High: 76°F
Low: 61°F
Precip: 20%
High: 72°F
Low: 53°F
Precip: 0%
High: 80°F
Low: 51°F
Precip: 0%
High: 87°F
Low: 56°F
Precip: 0%
High: 86°F
Low: 59°F
Precip: 0%
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Dec 14 320'4 321'4 320'2 321'4 0'2 321'2 11:08P Chart for @C4Z
Mar 15 333'0 334'2 332'6 334'2 0'2 334'0 11:09P Chart for @C5H
May 15 342'4 342'6 342'0 342'2 -0'4 342'6 11:09P Chart for @C5K
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Dec 14 556'2 561'4 556'2 561'4 4'0 557'4 11:08P Chart for @KW4Z
Mar 15 560'2 564'6 560'2 563'4 2'0 561'4 11:07P Chart for @KW5H
May 15 565'0 568'0 564'2 564'6 -0'2 565'0 11:07P Chart for @KW5K
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Oct 14 162.400 163.150 162.150 163.000 0.525 162.475 11:09P Chart for @LE4V
Dec 14 165.825 166.650 165.700 166.600 0.700 165.900 11:09P Chart for @LE4Z
Feb 15 165.625 166.550 165.625 166.300 0.425 165.875 11:07P Chart for @LE5G
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Oct 14 239.500 240.975 239.325 240.575 2.150 238.425 10:56P Chart for @GF4V
Nov 14 239.000 240.400 238.775 239.925 1.875 238.050 11:06P Chart for @GF4X
Jan 15 232.150 233.975 232.150 233.600 1.825 231.775 11:06P Chart for @GF5F
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DTN Farm Business
Thursday, September 18, 2014 4:41PM CDT
An ad-hoc committee of 18 scientists is tasked by the National Research Council with examining the science and ramifications of biotech crops by looking at the history of genetic engineering and the potential the crops and biotech foods hold for the future. Speakers offered the committee a range of views from university professors and non-governmental experts who have battled over biotech crops for decades.

Monday, September 22, 2014 12:27PM CDT
Why own farms when you can own shares in a farmland pool? The advent of agriculture's first real estate investment trusts means small-scale investors can get a share of farmland's action for the first time.

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DTN Crops News
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 3:24PM CDT
Companies and universities are working on three distinct high-oleic soybean traits that they hope will help the industry regain soybean oil demand lost in the trans-fat battle.

Friday, September 26, 2014 10:25AM CDT
Farmers have some seed and management decisions to make after the damaging soybean disease Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) surfaced frequently across the Midwest this year.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 10:19AM CDT
Monsanto has promised to maintain international registrations for their post-patent Roundup Ready 1 soybean trait through 2021, but questions about the availability of generic seed and the future of the trait remain.

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